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Poland calls for refraining from tensions escalation in Georgia

Poland is closely following the developments in Georgia and has appealed to the parties to the political dispute in that country to abide by the rules of law and to refrain from escalating tensions.

“We also call for a return to direct talks. Stable Georgia is a key EU partner in the region,” wrote the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Twitter.

On Tuesday morning, forces commanded by the Ministry of Internal Affairs began the assault on the headquarters of the opposition United National Movement, where the party leader Nika Melia and his supporters barricaded themselves. The ministry described the violent arrest of the opposition activist as a “special operation”.

Mr Melia has headed the party founded by former president Mikheil Saakashvili since December. Saakashvili himself is currently in exile and is being prosecuted in Georgia. Melia was detained due to the court decision made on February 17.

The diplomatic representatives of the US, EU, NATO, the UK and other countries expressed concern and called for dialogue and refraining from the acts of violence, which – as underlined – leads to the polarisation of society.

In a gesture of opposition to Mr Melia’s arrest warrant, Prime Minister Giorgi Gacharia, who belongs to the ruling party Georgian Dream, resigned on February 18. He stated that the detention of an opposition politician could intensify the political conflict.

Following the announcement of Georgian Dreams’ victory in the parliamentary elections, the opposition in Georgia considers the elections to be rigged and demands that early elections should be held. Nika Melia believes that he has been persecuted for political reasons.

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