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Surge in number of police interventions in Zakopane

On Friday night, police in the mountain city of Zakopane, southern Poland, intervened 103 times and fined 84 people, mostly due to their violation of the pandemic restrictions and disorderly conduct.

Some tourists resolved to celebrate at hotels which resulted in numerous cases of disturbing the peace at night. However, spontaneous street parties were sparse.

The surge in the number of interventions derives from the fact that local police forces have been reinforced, thus there were more patrols than on the previous weekend.

Officers reacted to situations where people walked without masks, drank alcohol in a public place, or behaved in a vulgar or obscene manner. Many tourists only put their masks on when they saw a police patrol, and when the police car went past, some would take them off again.

According to the police, on Friday night there were no similar crowds in the city centre to last week. There were quite a few tourists who would walk and shop. Four people were detained to sober up; two of them insulted the intervening policemen and will hear charges.

Following the decision of the Provincial Commander of the Police, several dozen officers from Kraków are supporting their colleagues from Zakopane this weekend. Patrols are to pay special attention to reminding people about wearing masks and keeping their distance.

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