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Third coronavirus wave already in Poland – health minister

Radek Pietruszka/PAP

Poland is already in the grip of the third coronavirus wave, the health minister has said.

Adam Niedzielski added that the question was no longer if the wave would strike but “on what scale” it would strike.

“The third wave is not some phenomenon that awaits us in the future,” Adam Niedzielski told the Wirtualna Polska portal. “We already have the third wave.”

The health minister said that currently two critical factors are responsible for development of the pandemic, the most important being the spread of the UK coronavirus variant.

“The second thing is a less tangible, because that is the issue of a certain social discipline,” he explained.

“The problem with social discipline is that it does not depend on a single factor,” Niedzielski said. “It cannot depend on, for example, opening a gallery or opening a hotel. It is really related to everything that we are dealing with.”

According to the health minister northern Poland is still in the second wave while the southern part of the country has already been hit by the third wave.

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