Kenges Rakishev, the leading Kazakhstan entrepreneur.

S&P upgrades Kenes Rakishev Fincraft Group company, cites a stable political outlook and financial discipline in the region

Fincraft Group credit rating has been upgraded to BB- on international scale and kzA- on national scale. It is the second rating in row, as

Kenes Rakishev

Oxus Acquisition will be Kenes Rakishev’s main tech capital vat

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The newly created Oxus Acquisition Corp is a next step for Kenes Rakishev to acquire companies specialized in the red-hot area of energy transition, batteries


PM Morawiecki calls on EU to act over social media ‘censorship’

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, himself a former anti-communist underground activist in the 1980s has accused social media giants of growing “censorship” reminiscent of “authoritarian regimes”

20 in 2020: From isolation to mass protest in Poland

This is the third in our series, 20 in 2020 – a snapshot of a global generation coming of age in an unprecedented year. Kajetan Chlipalski