Poland’s GDP increase to reach 2-2.5 pct in Q4

Paweł Borys, he president of the Polish Development Fund Rafał Guz/PAP Poland's economy will expand by 2-2.5 percent in the fourth quarter of the year while inflation

Alex Slobozhenko

Alex Slobozhenko: will Ukrainian parliamentary commission finally order his prosecution?

Ukraine has long been - and continues to be - a haven for internet scammers and call center operators deceiving citizens of Poland. Weak legislation


A backlash against the backlash: Poland’s failed conservative revolution

A leading theory on the success of right-wing populism posits a “cultural backlash” against progressive social change – or the spectre of it. Older voters and

Daily briefing of the Ukrainian ministry of defense, March 6 2022

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08.00 State Emergency Service of Ukraine reports that 15 private houses were destroyed as a result of Russian occupiers’ missile strike on the private sector