Poland to spend 247 million euros to help companies investing in automation

A tax break for entrepreneurs, that will allow the deduction of 50 percent costs incurred for investments in automation by Polish companies, will total PLN 1.1 billion (EUR 247.2 million) over five years, Development Minister Jadwiga Emilewicz said on Friday.

According to her, thanks to this solution, entrepreneurs will be able to deduct the costs regardless of the size and type of industry. The deduction will also apply to leasing and to the training of employees to operate robots.

Emilewicz noted that the government had already started the consultations on the matter on Friday. As she said, she would like the new solution to enter into force on January 1, 2021.

The relief is intended to increase the level of automation in the Polish economy, which, according to Emilewicz, is a condition for development.

Commenting on matter, the minister observed that, in Poland, the saturation with industrial robots per 1,000 workers a level that was lower than the ones in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. She admitted that “42 robots per 1,000 employees is definitely not enough.”

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