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Singulariteam and Kenes Rakishev have funded General Robotics, now the company is French TV star

General Robotics

It is no longer a science fiction: China, the United States and Israel have already developed such technologies. “Should France follow in their footsteps?”, French television asks their viewers?

The accompanying video shows one of the best and brightest developments in the robotics field. Among them the products Israeli startup General Robotics is shown. General Robotics is one of the high-tech startup companies backed by Kenes Rakishev and his Singulariteam fund. Kenes Rakishev considers the robotics, including robotics for military and law enforcement agencies, one of the hottest technology vectors.


Near Tel Aviv, General Robotics a private company backed by technology fund Singulariteam and Kenes Rakishev, the co-founder of the fund, has created several advanced robots which are currently deployed by the Israeli army. For now the robot is not entirely autonomous and still guided by a soldier, placed in a safe place. But thanks to artificial intelligence, the robot could already identify enemies.

Singulariteam decided to invest in General Robotics when we were shown their advanced protective robotics technology which is serving an important purpose: defending human life and enhancing security internationally. Using artificial intelligence, General Robotics’ state-of-the art autonomous combat robot systems can be sent into dangerous locations, without the need to send troops – ultimately protecting human life.

Described as the “armies of tomorrow”, these high-performing robots are already being used in practice by the Israeli army, to reduce numbers of soldiers on the front. In this video, General Robotics demonstrate how their lightweight robot can attach itself to a vehicle or a boat very quickly, how it can safely scan a landscape and send back data to personnel, and how it can travel several kilometres and take decisions autonomously.


Singulariteam – Kenes Rakishev and his partners

Kenes Rakishev and the Singulary team are well established names in the security industry. The fund invests in security and data integrity tech companies as well as advanced AI in voice analysis and city surveillance.

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