20% of Poles shop online for the first time during a pandemic

20 percent of Poles made their first online purchases during a pandemic. Over 55 percent intends to limit visits to shopping centers fearing for safety, according to a consumer survey conducted by Accenture and Fashion Business for the fashion, beauty and electronics category at the turn of April and May.

The survey also shows that 31 percent of consumers intend to buy online more often in the future than they do today.

“The pandemic has significantly accelerated the changes in consumer behavior that we have seen for some time. Consumers have been faced with the need to use a different way of buying and delivering goods. Some people have longed for the physical experience that stores give us, but on the other hand many consumers have found how easy it is to shop online. E-commerce is gaining importance, and companies that will thrive on the Internet and adapt their online stores to new consumer needs will gain an advantage over the competition,” Rafał Reif, head of Fashion & Retail at Accenture, said.

The authors of the study indicate that the importance of products manufactured responsibly is growing. People buying luxury products do not intend to give them up for cheaper counterparts.

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