Coronavirus threatens real estate market – CBRE Director

According to Daniel Bienias, Managing Director of CBRE, the value of the transaction on the Polish market may decrease due to the prevailing epidemic of the coronavirus, because investment decisions can be postponed by investors who are waiting for a moment when there will be more clarity about the impact of the epidemic on the economy and real estate market.

Poland is the largest market in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of the value of investment transactions. Only in 2019, their value exceeded €7.7 billion. Poland attracts investors from various parts of the world, including Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

“It should be expected that their interest in Poland will not weaken. Much depends on how the epidemic will spread, but Poland as a country will remain in Europe as an important destination for investors who will be looking for a place to allocate their resources when the situation stabilizes,” Bienias emphasized.

In 2019, investors from Asia found themselves in the top eight most active on our market in terms of capital invested. Currently, international and domestic travel is severely limited for investors from around the world, including Asia.

“This will not affect those investment agreements that were already at an advanced stage, but agreements that still need to be structured and where visits are required are usually postponed. This applies to both domestic and international investors. It is likely that the flow of transactions will depend more on investors already present on the Polish market because they know the local conditions better. When the situation stabilizes, international capital, including capital from Asia, is likely to see a strong rebound, as long-term drivers of investment strategies will remain intact,” CBRE director summed up.

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