Non-European investors will supply the Polish real estate market: Colliers

The year 2019 was record-breaking for the commercial real estate market in Poland in many respects: we recorded close to 150 transactions (compared to 100 in 2018), with value amounted to €7.7 billion (in 2018: €7.2 billion).

According to Monika Rajska-Wolińska, managing partner of Colliers International in Poland, 2020 is going to be even better.

“We estimate a further increase in liquidity. This is related to the inflow of investment capital from outside Europe, primarily from the Middle and the Far East and North America, with a different risk profile. There will also be new investors from Central and Eastern Europe,” Rajska-Wolińska announced.

In her opinion, the new trend observed in 2020 will be the impact of climate change on the investment market. For investors, they will have an impact on investment policy and due diligence.

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