Minimum wages in EU ranges from €312 to €2,142

In 21 European Union countries that have introduced a minimum wage, the lowest is in Bulgaria and amounts to €312. The highest is in Luxembourg (€2,142, or seven times more), according to Eurostat data.

Nine member states, located mainly in the east of the EU, have a minimum monthly wage of €400-600. These are: Latvia (€430), Romania (€466), Hungary (€487), Croatia (€546), Czech Republic (€575), Slovakia (€580), Estonia (€584), Lithuania (€607), and Poland (€611).

In five other member states, located mainly in the south of the community, the minimum wage ranges from €700 to just over €1,000. These are: Portugal (€741), Greece (€758), Malta (€777), Slovenia (€941), and Spain (€1,050).

In the other seven countries, located in the west and north of the EU, the minimum wage exceeds €1,500 per month. These are: France (€1,539), Germany (€1,584), Belgium (€1,594) Netherlands (€1,636), Ireland (€1,656), and Luxembourg (€2,142).

For comparison, the federal minimum wage in the United States was €1,119 a month in January 2020.

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