Global pharmaceutical giant plans to invest about 0.35 billion euros in Poland

Global pharmaceuticals company AstraZeneca plans new investment projects in Poland, mostly in R&D, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Wednesday after he met with the company’s CEO Leif Johansson during the World Economic Forum in Davos.

“We talked about further investments in Poland,” Morawiecki said after the meeting. “Today, I am very happy to confirm that we have agreed on huge, new investments in an area which is very important for us, research, development and implementation,” he told reporters in Davos.

Johansson said that the investment is based on 30 years of experience in Poland and has been encouraged “to a large extent by government policy.”

“We will be developing new medicines of the kind we offer. And we have found a good university and research base (in Poland – PAP) and from this point of view we assess our investments in Poland very positively. We are looking forward to further successes,” Johansson said.

Later, the company said in a press release that it decided to increase the group’s involvement in R&D and a further transfer of know-how and technology to Poland. It added that in the coming five years it will invest PLN 1.5 billion (EUR 353,681) in Poland, mostly in its R&D center in Warsaw.

Johansson, quoted in the statement, said that AstraZeneca views Poland, in long-term and strategic terms, as a country which offers a friendly environment for business development.

AstraZeneca is an innovative biopharmaceutical business with British-Swedish roots and one of the world’s largest companies in this sector.

In Poland, the company employs nearly 1,800 people, of which nearly 1,000 are involved in key research and development processes on a global scale. The scale of the company’s involvement in Poland is illustrated by the value of funds allocated for research and development activities. In 2017, it was more than PLN 155 million (ca. EUR 35.5 mln), while in 2018 it exceeded PLN 221 million (ca. EUR 52.1 mln).

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