Belarus Bank Debt reaches record level

The National Bank published a report which says that the total amount of loans received by citizens of the country already totals 13 billion 343.4 million BYN as of October 1, 2012.

The main financial institution of the country has counted all the obligations of Belarusians to banks without exception. In particular, not only consumer loans and real estate loans, but also car loans and installment cards. It turned out to be almost 13.5 billion BYN.

And this figure is growing rapidly. Since the beginning of this year, citizens of the country have borrowed 1 billion 747 million rubles from banks.

Most of this debt consists of real estate loans – 8 billion 85.7 million rubles. In addition, 5 billion 257.7 million BYN was borrowed by Belarusians for consumer needs as of October 1.

Belarusians have been actively borrowing for the second year already. If the pace of lending is accelerated, the National Bank may introduce stricter rules for issuing consumer loans.

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