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Record-breaking warehouse in Poland

Panattoni Europe has completed a warehouse facility which is a record-breaker in Poland in terms of size at ground level. It is the central warehouse of Leroy Merlin totalling in excess of 123,300 sqm. The project was accomplished literally in the centre of Poland, in the Piatek community, Lodz province.

The warehouse section dedicated to multiple distribution channels, including online sales, amounts to nearly 121,000 sqm in total, while office and staff facilities take up 2,400 sqm. For Leroy Merlin the new project is an integral part of the company’s development plans and the transformation of its supply chain.

Opening the warehouse in Piatek was a considerable operational challenge, because at the same time as moving stock, the company was also fulfilling orders from its other, older, warehouses in Strykow. Apart from supplying stores, the new warehouse in Piatek handles the e-commerce business and deliveries directly from the warehouse to the customer.

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