Krakow city bikes surpass 2 million users

Krakow city bikes have been rented over two million times during the program’s current incarnation, Polish media report.

Wavelo-branded bikes (named so by popular vote) began appearing on Krakow’s streets in October 2016. Over half of the rentals have been in the last year, which means their popularity is growing.

BikeU, the company which operates the service, celebrated the milestone by giving free passes to the two millionth rider, the one who had rode the longest distance, and the one who had rented bikes most often.

Krakow was the first city in Poland with a public bike system – it started in 2008 under the name KMK Bike. Now there are 1,500 bikes at 169 stations around the city. Rental costs 20 groszy per minute, or 29 PLN for 12 hours; alternatively, subscriptions are available with discounts for certain groups.

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