Polish airline flies nearly 9 million passengers in 2018

Polish state-owned airline LOT says it flew nearly 9 million passengers this year, more than in any previous year and up from 6.8 million in 2017.

The carrier handled 5.5 million passengers in 2016 and 4.3 million in 2015, according to previous reports.

LOT is eyeing a new record of 10 million passengers in 2019, a spokesman for the company has been quoted as saying.

The Polish airline expects to end 2018 with a profit of more than PLN 200 million (EUR 46.53 million, USD 53.22 million), public broadcaster Polish Radio’s IAR news agency reported on Saturday.

Since the beginning of 2016, the airline has launched 66 new flights, including new long-haul destinations such as Los Angeles, Tokyo and Seoul, bringing the total to 107, according to the news agency.

The Polish airline was this month named “Best Airline in Eastern Europe” by US magazine Global Traveler.

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