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Poles spending more on Christmas: expert

Poles are forking out more on Christmas every year, according to experts.

“All available data clearly shows that Poles are spending more and more on Christmas every year,” said Dr. Mariusz Woźniakowski from the Faculty of Management at the University of Łódź in central Poland.

He added: “Of course, the estimates vary, but this year it is expected that the average Polish family will spend between PLN 1,200 (EUR 280, USD 320) and PLN 1,700 on Christmas, of which up to 40 percent will be spent on presents.”

The types of gifts favoured by Poles have not changed for years, according to Woźniakowski.

“Most often these are cosmetics, books, toys for children and increasingly these days clothes and small electronic items,” he said.

Meanwhile, Poles are increasingly turning to the internet to do their shopping.

According to Woźniakowski, the Polish e-commerce market is estimated to be worth from PLN 36 billion (EUR 8.4 bn, USD 9.5 bn) to PLN 40 billion a year.

Data indicates that Poles’ spending on Christmas presents is growing at a rate of just over 3 percent annually, while online spending on gifts is increasing almost 9 percent every year, Woźniakowski was cited as saying by the PAP news agency.

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