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The update of the Polish capital market is expected on Monday

On Monday, experts noted that Poland should see the capital market upgraded from a developing to a developed market by a global supplier of the FTSE Russell stock index.

FTSE Russell, which is part of the London stock exchange, announced the move last September.

The Warsaw stock exchange (WSE) at the time welcomed the announcement, saying in a press release that the decision meant that Poland “joined the world’s 25 most developed economies,” including Germany, France, Japan, Australia, and the United States.

WSE CEO Marek Dietl said at a press conference on Friday that the reclassification should have an overall positive impact on the Polish stock market in the long term.

“After the transition period, we expect an increase in turnover on our stock exchange, as well as the emergence of new investors,” said Dietl, quoted by PAP.

At the end of last month, FTSE Russell published a list of 37 Polish companies, which are expected to be included in the developed market indices on Monday, according to the Polish Agency PAP.

According to the Warsaw stock exchange, FTSE Russell indices are an important benchmark for the world’s leading investment funds.

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