The vast majority of stores comply with Sunday’s trade ban: official

Only part of the retail stores violated the law prohibiting trade on Sundays, as it was introduced earlier this year, the state labour Inspectorate of Poland (PIP) reported.

PIP said that more than 8,300 stores that were open on a Sunday were checked out but “labour inspectors deemed that they were open illegally in only seven percent of cases”.

“Our inspections showed that there was a high level of respect for the law limiting trade on Sunday and public holidays,” the inspectorate said in a statement.

PIP added that 223 fines were handed out, worth PLN 240,000 (EUR 55,000).

The ban on trade on Sunday was introduced on March 1, allowing shops to be open on only the first and last Sunday of each month, with some exceptions.

Trade will be banned on three Sundays each month next year and on all Sundays as of 2020.

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