Polish investment agency will open Moscow office in July

The Polish investment and trade Agency (PAIH) will open a trading office in Moscow in July to help Polish entrepreneurs with investments in the local market, Deputy head of the Agency Wojciech Fedko said on Friday.

“The Russian Federation is in the top ten of our main sales markets, but the potential for increasing trade value is even bigger, as shown by last year’s data on a double-digit percent increase in exports,” Fedko was quoted as saying in a statement.

According to PAIH, in 2017 exports to Central and Eastern European countries were 18.9 percent higher than in the previous year. This was due to significant expansion of sales to Russia (increase in exports by 18.5 percent), but also to Belarus and Ukraine.

As the official explained, the main goal of the agency’s representation in Moscow will be “to increase sales of Polish goods and services, but also to facilitate the debut of Polish investors on the Russian market.”

The cooperation between Polish entrepreneurs and Russian companies is also to be helped by a cooperation memorandum signed in early June with the Roscongress Foundation, one of the most important Russian organisations staging events addressed to entrepreneurs, PAIH said.

“This is a milestone step for our presence in Russia,” Fedko argued. “We would not imagine the smooth operation of a commercial office in Moscow without Roscongress’s support,” said Fedko, who signed the memorandum during the St. Petersburg Economic Forum in late May.

PAIH’s deputy head also noted that as part of the promotion of 12 Polish industries, his agency is organising national stands around the world, including in Russia. “From the beginning of 2018, we have been promoting (in Russia – PAP) the Polish biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors, construction and machinery for the mining industry and the aerospace industry,” he enumerated. According to him, this is to help Polish producers work with Russian partners and enter “this large but quite difficult market”.

The contract signed by PAIH with the Roscongress Foundation, established in 2007, envisages cooperation in the organisation and promotion of business events. Similar agreements have already been concluded by the agency with the USA, Finland, Israel, Germany and Sweden.

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