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The government should support firms in expanding abroad: Polish Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki said that the government must support entrepreneurs, especially small business, in expanding abroad.

Speaking at the annual European Economic Congress in the southern city of Katowice on Tuesday, Morawiecki said Poland’s ruling conservatives, who came to power in late 2015, had reformulated the country’s financial policies and economic model.

“Actually, we can say that we threw down the gauntlet to the economic model which … had become embedded over the previous 25 years, although … there were moments in which attempts were made to strengthen Polish capital – the pace of privatisation was slowed down,” he added.

“Today, we have a world that is facing immense inequalities and imbalances,” Morawiecki said.

“After the crisis, more and more countries understand that social solidarity is needed too, that society and the economy are actually the opposite sides of the same coin. More and more countries also understand that support for local capital, for small businesses, should take place through various mechanisms.”

More than 11,000 politicians, businesspeople and economic policy makers from across Europe on Monday kicked off three days of debate in Katowice.

Billed as the largest business event in Central Europe, the annual European Economic Congress explores key economic challenges in Poland, Europe and the wider world.

Polish Radio is a media partner of this year’s congress, which runs until Wednesday.

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