Poland’s computer games market has exceeded USD 500 million: report

Poland’s games sector has moved to the 23rd position in a global ranking, according to the Rzeczpospolita daily. China’s games market is the largest in the world, worth over USD 32 billion, followed by the US sector, worth over USD 25 bn.

The Witcher game series made by CD Projekt remains a Polish export hit. However, new Polish games are also gaining in popularity abroad, such as Frostpunk, created by 11 bit studios. The game, which made its debut on April 24, has since topped the ranking of best-selling productions on international PC gaming platform Steam.

Since Frostpunk’s premiere, 11 bit studios’ stock market value has gone up by a third.

Around a dozen Polish game producers are listed on the stock exchange, with companies CD Projekt, Playway and 11 bit studios in the lead.

The majority of Poland’s games companies’ revenue comes from export markets.

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