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Poland to subsidise energy-efficiency in homes in bid to fight smog

Home insulation and stove upgrades will be subsidised, Polish Environment Minister Henryk Kowalczyk said on Thursday following the government’s promise to fight smog.

Households in which monthly incomes are less than PLN 1,600 (EUR 384) per person will be entitled to money from the National Environmental Protection and Water Management Fund, Kowalczyk said.

Wealthier families will be offered tax deductions for making their homes more energy efficient, Kowalczyk added.

He also said the proposed incentives would require tax law reform.

Kowalczyk on Thursday told Polish private broadcaster Radio Plus that he and Finance Minister Teresa Czerwińska had worked out the final details in a government programme to combat Poland’s smog problem.

The programme includes investing in single-family dwellings to lower their heating bills.

Stoves produce more than 50 percent of air pollution in Poland, while industry accounts for 17 percent of smog and traffic for 10 percent, according to the Polish Smog Alert organisation. Energy production and agriculture produce most of the rest.

Polish Smog Alert also said that Poland has about three million low-efficiency coal and wood burners, some of which fail to meet required norms, and some of which are used for waste incineration.

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