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Trade-free Sunday laws need to be more precise: expert

New laws regulating no-trade Sundays need to be more precise, an expert from the Employers of Poland organisation has said ahead of the second of four consecutive trade-free Sundays this month.

According to Łukasz Kozłowski, the chief economist at the Employers of Poland organisation, the rules are open to interpretation by both businesses and the authorities policing the law.

Deputy Family, Labour and Social Policy Minister Stanisław Szwed said that changes to the law were not out of the question but that none were being planned for now.

Poland’s new law, introduced last month, says that shops will only be open on the first and last Sundays of each month.

With five Sundays in April, the first of which was the Easter Sunday public holiday, Poles will have to wait until April 29 to shop on Sunday.

The laws also see only one Sunday of trade per month in 2019 and a total ban on Sunday trade in 2020.

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