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Merkel: Polish-German business ties ‘very intense and close’

Polish-German business ties are “very intense and close” German Chancellor Angela Merkel said after talks in Berlin with Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

Morawiecki said that Poland and Germany could be a “locomotive of growth and positive changes for the entire European Union.”

Merkel said she and the Polish PM “talked about Polish-German relations, which are very intense and close in terms of economic cooperation.”

“Our economies are connected with each other, trade is very good and what is important is that there are no individual large investments, but we are talking here about a broad front of cooperation,” she added.

Merkel said she and Morawiecki also discussed reviving the Weimar Triangle, a platform for collaboration between Warsaw, Berlin and Paris.

Merkel had said ahead of the meeting that she hoped talks with Morawiecki would open a “new chapter” amid a number of problems in bilateral relations.

One thorny issue that head been expected to be broached by Morawiecki in Berlin was the planned Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

Poland has vocally opposed the controversial gas pipeline project, which is designed to supply Germany with gas from Russia via a pipeline under the Baltic Sea and to run parallel to the existing Nord Stream pipeline, circumventing Central and Eastern Europe.

The planned pipeline is “unnecessary, detrimental and divisive” and would make an all-out Russo-Ukrainian war more likely, German daily Die Welt cited Morawiecki as saying ahead of his visit to Berlin.

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