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Possible limits on alcohol sale signed into law


Polish President Andrzej Duda has signed new laws which allow local governments to limit alcohol sales. Under the laws, local governments will be allowed put a cap on the number of concessions for alcohol sales that are issued.

Concessions will also be required for the sale of beer and other beverages with less than 4.5 percent alcohol content.

Current laws do not limit stores’ sale of low alcohol content drinks.

The new law, under which the sale of alcohol between 10 pm and 6 am can also be capped, aims to prevent a large number of liquor stores operating in a single area which especially affects the major city centres and tourist resorts.

Duda has also signed laws forbidding alcohol consumption in public areas while giving local governments the right to make exceptions.

Current laws say that drinking is illegal on streets and in squares and parks, which has resulted in contention over other public areas.

The law will enter into effect 30 days after it is announced online in the Journal of Laws.

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