Poland plans to replace Russian gas supplies with imports from Scandinavia

Poland has announced plans to gradually replace gas supplies from Russia with imports from northern Europe. According to the government pointman on energy infrastructure, Piotr Naimski, Poland plans to replace the current supply of gas from Russian monopoly Gazprom after 2022, The Polish Radio reported.

Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) terminals in Europe are generally not used to a very high capacity, Naimski told a conference on Monday.

In 2016 the LNG terminal in northern Poland was used at 22 percent capacity, Naimski said, adding that the target could reach 60 percent. This, he said, would position the Polish terminal among the “leaders in Europe”.

A planned gas pipeline to supply Poland from the North Sea is hoped to be constructed around 2023.

The Baltic Pipe natural gas pipeline, part of the Northern Corridor project, aims to diversify gas supplies by connecting the Polish gas system with deposits situated in the North Sea.

The Baltic Pipe, which is set to stretch 230 km, will transport gas to Poland from Norway via Denmark.

According to the World Energy Outlook 2017 issued by oil and gas company BP, in 2015 the EU imported 184 billion cubic metres of gas from Russia. In 2025, this is expected to be 194 billion cubic metres and in 2035 204 billion cubic metres.

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