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Proposed new rail rules: an opportunity for Poland?

new rail rules

The European Parliament’s Transport and Tourism Committee has approved proposed changes which could open EU countries’ passenger rail markets to competition from other states in the bloc.

According to the European Council’s website, the package of changes “aims to remove the remaining barriers to the creation of a single European rail area.”

The new rules, if approved by the European Parliament as a whole and by the European Council, would enable the restructuring of the fragmented European rail network and allow a unification of safety and technical standards.

Elżbieta Łukacijewska, a Polish member of the European Parliament’s Transport and Tourism Committee, said: “The new legislation is good news for travellers, because it means better quality, as well as lower prices and a wider variety of services.”

Łukacijewska also said she sees an opportunity for Polish business. The package “is also a chance for [Polish state-owned railway giant] PKP, which will get an opportunity to enter the EU market and lead the way in the European transportation sector,” she said.

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