Polish artist will illuminate the horizon of a Chinese city

Dariusz Makaruk, a versatile artist from Kielce, central Poland, won first prize in the international competition for the world’s biggest video mapping display, organised by the Bi-City Architecture Biennale in the Chinese city of Shenzhen.

As part of his reward, Mr Makaruk was commissioned to light up 40 skyscrapers in Shenzhen at the same time. The venture will take place on December 14.

Mr Makaruk has been successful in creating audiovisual shows for years. His video mapping is valued both in Western Europe as well as in Japan and China.

Among other undertakings, he created the festival project named Video Moving Closer Innovative Media and Art in Warsaw, consisting of concerts, audiovisual performances, and interactive installations.

Dariusz Makaruk is a man of many talents. He is a music producer, performer of live electronics, as well as producer of audiovisual shows. Moreover, he composes music for theatre performances and makes soundtracks for films.

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