Poles among the world’s top honest wallet finders: study

The residents of Poland are among the most honest wallet finders in the world, research published by Science magazine shows.

The nation came sixth in the ranking listing 40 nations across the world. Sixty-nine percent of Poles who found wallets with cash returned them, and 63 percent in the case of empty wallets.

Switzerland topped the ranking, with 79 percent of found wallets containing cash returned with the money intact, and 74 percent of empty wallets given back to their owners.

An equally high rate of honest finders was recorded in Norway. Wallets with money returned to 79 percent of the owners, while those with money were returned to 71 percent.

Other countries in the top five were the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden.

Poland was followed by New Zealand, the Czech Republic, Germany and France.

Morocco, Kazakhstan and China ranked the lowest. In the Middle Kingdom, empty wallets were returned by 7 percent of the finders, while those with money — by 22 percent.

The study was carried out by researchers from several Swiss universities. They used 17,000 wallets, some of which were empty, while the rest were filled with cash ranging from USD 13 to USD 94.

Research coordinator Michel Marechal, an economist from the University of Zurich, said that dividing the contents of the purses into empty, and those containing small and large amounts of money was used to confirm the hypothesis that honesty increases with less money found.

Marechal said: “ Unexpectedly, we received the opposite result.” Wallets returned more frequently had money inside.

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