Poles traveling more often

Poles are traveling more often during long May weekend, according to Polish Tourism Agency.

May 1 in Poland is part of a holiday season known as Majówka or May Days which includes Poland’s Constitution Day, celebrated on May 3. During that time, many Poles choose to travel around the country.

Polish Tourism Agency’s Head Robert Andrzejczyk said that “In 2018, Poles traveled 5% more than in 2017…largely because [their] salaries are increasing, but also because tourism infrastructure is getting better.”

„We simply have better roads… so traveling between big cities is much simpler and faster,” Andrzejczyk added.

According to the agency, the long may weekend is a profitable period for the tourism sector, with more Poles going on a so called city-break.

According to Andrzejczyk, Poles are now more keen on visiting Polish cities than a few years ago, but many Polish citizens are still choosing to spend their holidays in the country-side with forests, lakes, sea or mountains.

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