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International Jazz Day in Poland

Public broadcaster Polish Radio is celebrating International Jazz Day with a two-day jazz fest.

April 30 was designated as International Jazz Day by UNESCO in 2011 and is celebrated worldwide.

In Warsaw, the first concerts take place on Monday evening at the Polish Radio Concert Studio and include acts by the Futoma Ensemble, Mózg Ensemble and Oleś Brothers.

The Futoma Ensemble, comprising some of Poland’s finest musicians such as Miłosz Pękala and Macio Moretti, will play an interpretation of Baazaar, a landmark 1969 Polish jazz album by vibraphonist Jerzy Milian.

The Mózg Ensemble will pay homage to the Polish yass music style, which evolved in Poland in the 1990s and was a conglomerate of jazz, punk and folk music.

On Tuesday, International Jazz Day will be celebrated in Warsaw with a concert by the Oleś Brothers, who will perform early compositions by Joe Zawinul, known for leading famous American jazz fusion band Weather Report.

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