The consumption of alcohol in Poland has increased: report

Consumption of drinks with high alcohol content such as vodka, liqueur and spirits has increased significantly in the past year, shows new research.

Poles drank on average 3.3 litres of strong drinks in conversion to 100 percent alcohol in 2017, up from 2.5 litres in 2016, Poland’s PAP agency reported, citing a study by pollster CBOS.

Also, the consumption of beer made from malt reached 98.5 litres per person last year, growing from 80.7 litres the year before, the study found.

Poles drank less wine and mead, with the intake rate dropping to 6.1 litres per person in 2017 from 8.6 litres in 2016.

Meanwhile, cigarette smoking fell to 1,345 cigarettes per person in 2017, from 1,974 cigarettes in 2016, pap said.

In another finding from the study, the average Pole ate 110 kg of vegetables and 54.1 kg of fruit in 2015. Last year, Poles consumed 105 kg of greens and 53 kg of fruit, the pollster said.

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