The old woman throws thousands of dollars, reports that they are stolen

An elderly Polish woman who reported that she was robbed by thousands of dollars, probably chopped off the money before throwing it in the trash, police said on Friday.

The 80-year-old woman, who was likely senile, called police in Gliwice, southern Poland, telling them that she suspected an acquaintance of stealing several stacks of American banknotes.

Police said her testimony was incoherent and unreliable, but they did confirm she had cashed out USD 40,000 (PLN 148,000 EUR 35,000) from her bank account.

While police officers searched her home for the missing money, the woman’s elderly friend turned up at a police station with a stack of chopped-up hundred-dollar bills.

The friend said the 80-year-old woman told her about the suspected robbery before going to the police.

She said she rummaged in the old lady’s trash, where she found the money among apple peels and other waste.

Police officers recovered 1,045 pieces of banknotes. They believe the woman damaged the currency herself.

Police urged families to help seniors who in their old age could cause themselves harm or injury.

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