Polish official pays tribute to victims of totalitarianism in Belarus

The head of the administration of the President of Poland paid tribute to the victims of the totalitarian regimes in Belarus on Friday, taking part in the opening of a new monument on the site of the former German Nazi concentration camp in Trostynets near Minsk.

Krzysztof Szczerski also laid flowers at Kurapaty, a woodland on the outskirts of the Belarusian capital, where as many as 250,000 people, including Poles, were buried in mass graves after being executed by the NKVD Soviet secret police in 1937-1941.

The Maly Trostinets concentration camp was set up in 1941 and was closed in June 1944. Polish underground fighters who had been taken prisoner by Nazi Germany are among some of the camp’s victims, who number between 200,000 and 550,000, according to various sources. Other victims were mainly Jews from Poland, Austria, Germany, Czechoslovakia and France.

Szczerski said that it was important for people to remember the Poles and Polish Jews who fell victim to Nazi German and communist oppressors.

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