Veteran comedy actor Wojciech Pokora dies at 83

Veteran Polish comedy actor Wojciech Pokora died in Warsaw on Sunday at the age of 83.

He left behind dozens of memorable film and theatre roles, including appearances in movies that achieved cult status in communist-era Poland. These included director Stanisław Bareja’s Teddy Bear (Miś, 1980) and What Will You Do When You Catch Me? (Co mi zrobisz, jak mnie złapiesz?, 1978).

Pokora played the main part in Bareja’s 1972 comedy Man – Woman Wanted (Poszukiwany, poszukiwana) and also turned in acclaimed roles in productions such as The Career of Nicodemus Dyzma (Kariera Nikodema Dyzmy, 1980) and Czterdziestolatek (Being Forty), a television comedy series originally broadcast between 1974 and 1977.

The actor also appeared in Polish cinema classics such as Andrzej Munk’s Bad Luck (Zezowate szczęście, 1960), Andrzej Piwowski’s The Cruise (Rejs, 1970), and Janusz Majewski’s The Deserters (C.K. Dezerterzy, 1986).

Born in Warsaw in 1934, he made his first appearance in front of the cameras in 1953 in Adventure at Marienstadt (Przygoda na Mariensztacie), Poland’s first feature-length colour motion picture after World War II. His first major role was in the 1960 comedy Husband of His Wife (Mąż swojej żony).

In addition to pursuing a prolific acting career, Pokora was a lecturer at the National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw.

He is survived by an extended family including granddaughter Agata Nizińska, an up-and-coming actor and singer.

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