Paulina Bidzińska wins Eurovision Young Dancers contest

Paulina Bidzińska

A 19-year-old ballet dancer from Poland has won the Eurovision Young Dancers contest. In the competition, held in Prague, Paulina Bidzińska came ahead of seven other finalists representing the Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia and Sweden, winning the final duel against Patricija Crnkovič of Slovenia.

The Pole performed a ballet piece which combined classical and modern dance, choreographed by Jacek Przybyłowicz, to music by Antonio Vivaldi.

She collected EUR 7,000 in prize money, which she wants to spend on travel.

Paulina attends a ballet school in Bytom, southern Poland. She started dance lessons at the age of nine. She has won several awards in national competitions. The victory at the Eurovision Young Dancers contest is her first international success.

The 2015 edition of the Eurovision Young Dancers contest, which is a biennial event, was also won by a Pole. The winner, Viktoria Nowak, is now a member of the Dresden-Frankfurt Dance Company.

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