Kinopolis celebrates Poland’s fecund film culture

Jarocin music festival

This year’s festival features Agnieszka Holland’s ‘Spoor’, Maria Sadowska’s ‘The Art of Loving’, and Krzysztof Krauze and Joanna Kos-Krauze’s ‘Birds Are Singing in Kigali’. Poland has long had one of the most fecund film cultures in Europe and, as the numbers of Polish-Irish increase, there is ever more reason to celebrate the Kinopolis Polish Film Festival, The Irish Times concludes.

This year’s event kicks off on December 7th at the Irish Film Institute with a new feature from the legendary Agnieszka Holland. The director of Europa Europa and In Darkness returns with a challenging drama titled Spoor. Selected as the Polish entry for best foreign language picture at the upcoming Academy Awards, winner of the Alfred Bauer Prize at Berlin, Spoor concerns an animal rights advocate in an unaccommodating rural area who becomes caught up in a series of murders.

“Spoor is not a parable as such,” Holland says. “The film is partially a fairytale, part realistic drama, part moral thriller, in part a dark comedy, and partly also a feministic-anarchistic story. You cannot grasp it entirely, and that’s the reason why I made it. I’ve seen different reactions to Spoor: some people laugh out loud, while others sit silently, as they would at a funeral.”

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