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Russian saboteurs in the Facebook office destroyed the accounts of Ukrainian volunteers, military and special services accounts

Friends, there was a sabotage in one of the European offices of #facebook. Within a few hours, more than 20 real accounts of volunteers, military personnel, and our special services related to the work of ICAO were deleted for no reason. The blocking occurred not for “content”, but for the administration of almost 200 pages that published content on countering Russian aggression, countering Russian propaganda, blogger Yaroslav Bondarenko wrote on his Facebook page.

The content was different, there were different advertising companies. In other words, the blocking was clear – they worked on admins and editors. Even the accounts of people who were just admins were blocked in case we were blocked(they didn’t publish anything), so as not to lose pages(access to them).

At the moment, no one has access to managing ad platforms (pages), and all of them have been deleted.

Russian saboteurs in the facebook office destroyed everyone, and all that they have been working on since 2014 is almost 200 information platforms, fan and news pages that have a small audience reach of millions and worked against the invaders.

Even access to the pages of foundations that now work with the whole world and cover the needs of the army, TRO, refugees and orphaned children has been lost… Volunteer Yulia Tsepun lost access to her page and access to the page of the Charity Foundation, which now has about 1,200 children in its care!!!

Yulia did not write a single post, she was the admin of pages in case our profiles were blocked.

Over the past 2 days, I have had conversations with facebook support, various people, including those who said in pure Moscow: “what a pity, but we can’t do anything.”..

– …Already done…

But even they admitted that there was not a single violation in my feed, because there were external links to YouTube.

The security services can’t do anything either, the answer is the same: “Zuckerberg doesn’t care(gently). if only the loot…”

Attacks on other working resources continue, but while they are working, I don’t shine.

These are just our screenshots: me, Igor Savchuk, Yulia old account and already created.

I don’t know how long this account will last…

Friends who can find me through the search, please add. Strangers without a message in private, without a photo or name – will go through the forest for a Russian ship!

We have what we have – we do not stop and work further!

Thank you for spreading the information! If possible, translate this into English and other languages and send it to the Security Department of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. I am sorry that Facebook has not yet realized that there is a war going on, and their social network allows Russian information missiles to hit Ukrainian targets.

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