Love of Israel on display at Krakow Jewish culture festival

The 27th Jewish Culture Festival held in Krakow’s historical Jewish district Kazimierz aims to promote Israel and educate participants on its traditions.

For over a week tourists can ride through Jerusalem streets in a virtual taxi, taste traditional Jewish cuisine and listen to concerts by a number of folk bands, Jerusalem Post reports.

Every year the festival culminates in a giant open air concert on Szeroka Street, the main street of Kazimierz. After 27 years the festival became a symbol of tolerance, pluralism and celebration of Jewish culture in Poland.

The history of Kazimierz can be traced back to 1335 when it was officially founded for Jewish settlers on what used to be an island outside of Poland’s capital Krakow by King Kazimierz the Great. After it was awarded merchant rights the area prospered and became one of the most influential Polish towns.

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