IMF left shamefaced after peak pessimism over Brexit vote

Everybody makes duff forecasts. Everybody gets it wrong from time to time. Only the inveterate fence sitters are spared having egg on their face. The International

Co-operative Bank to cut 200 jobs

The Co-operative Bank is cutting 200 jobs as it battles to return to profitability in a low-interest-rate environment. Officials at the Unite trade union warned that


Kazakh politicians want to rename capital after president

If Kazakh politicians get their wish, the capital city will be renamed to honour the country’s first and only president, Nursultan Nazarbayev. The suggestion to rename

Britons could pay for EU citizenship after Brexit, says top negotiator

Brexit negotiator said he ‘supported the principle’ behind UK citizens keeping their EU rights by paying an annual fee. Britons could pay to retain the