Big bucks tempt Poles to run for Eurodeputy: report

Securing a seat in the European Parliament will provide Polish politicians with hefty financial rewards, the newspaper has reported. The monthly income for Eurodeputies can

EU court rules against Brussels on Polish retail tax

An EU court has ruled that the European Commission incorrectly classified a Polish progressive retail tax as state aid, according to reports. The EU General Court


Poland detains man suspected of preparing terror attack

Polish authorities have detained a man suspected of preparing a terrorist attack in the country, an official said on Friday. The suspect, identified only as Mikołaj


US will soon have Nord Stream 2 sanctions bill: energy secretary

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry said on Tuesday that a sanctions bill targeting firms involved in Russia's contested Nord Stream 2 gas project could be

Polish minister names challenges facing EU

Europe needs reform, Poland’s deputy foreign minister for European affairs Konrad Szymański said at a major business conference on Monday. Szymański said that key issues facing