Poland aims to sign global climate deal amendment this year

Coal-reliant Poland aims to ratify an amendment to the Kyoto Protocol on carbon emissions this year, making it possible for the European Union to back

Krzysztof Jurgiel

Poland has opened up 30 new markets, – Krzysztof Jurgiel

Poland has opened up 30 new markets for its products over the last two years, Agriculture Minister Krzysztof Jurgiel said on Wednesday. As ministers summed up


Poland and the Uncontrollable Fury of Europe’s Far Right

As right-wing populists enter government, they have violent radical groups to thank—and to fear, The Atlantic speculates. In Poland, last weekend’s independence day celebrations mutated

Robert Mugabe in detention after military takes control of Zimbabwe

Army says it has taken temporary control to ‘target criminals’ around head of state, who sacked his vice-president last week. Robert Mugabe remains in detention